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We are specialize in production of various
vegetables as:

· Melon
· Courgette
· Aubergine

· Cucumber
· Pepper
· Bean

· Tomato
· Watermelon

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"In Femago we count
with the confidence
of growérs community"

Count with us, Femago appreciates and treats customized to each of its customers, attending their needs, thanks to the quality and quantity of our associated growers.

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This is Femago

We are highly involved with our customers and collaborators, with an absolute requirement for maximum quality.

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The auction is the main activity and the core of FEMAGO, the great difference is in the sale,thar is directly from the farmer. We describe the whole process.

Known auction
Known auction


Femago is one of the main subastas in the Poniente area (west of Almería). It is in El Ejido and its origins go back to the thirties. Our goal from the very start was to become one of the biggest auction halls in Almería. Our first big transformation came about in the mid-60s, when we inaugurated the "La Costa" facilities, which were followed by the "Puesto Rubio" plant. In the late 70s the company that in 1992 would become Femago was set up.


Almost 80 years at the service of Almerías farmers. Decades of work as intermediaries between the armer and the buyer, providing value and solutions to both. The services that Femago offers the farmer are: technical advice, standardisation service, packaging, exhibition facilities, sale of produce and unloading of goods. Meanwhile, the buyer benefits from a comprehensive product offering, permanent quality control, handling, loading and unloading, traceability and other services.

Femago works the European market intensively with buyers from Spain itself, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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