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We are specialize in production of various
vegetables as:

· Melon
· Courgette
· Aubergine

· Cucumber
· Pepper
· Bean

· Tomato
· Watermelon

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"In Femago we count
with the confidence
of growérs community"

Count with us, Femago appreciates and treats customized to each of its customers, attending their needs, thanks to the quality and quantity of our associated growers.

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This is Femago

We are highly involved with our customers and collaborators, with an absolute requirement for maximum quality.

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The auction is the main activity and the core of FEMAGO, the great difference is in the sale,thar is directly from the farmer. We describe the whole process.

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Known auction

Best practices guide

Cooperation with key sectors and core companies

The incredible development of the agricultural sector in Almería would not have been possible without the combination of good production conditions, knowledge management and parallel research activities carried out by different actors in the market. The laboratories and management bodies, in particular, have been a key to this success, and Grupo Femago has signed permanent collaboration contracts with many of these. These include the Universidad de Almería (UAL) and other laboratories, the most notable of which is the "Las Palmerillas" de Cajamar experimental station.

Guía de buenas prácticas

The daily activity of our technical personnel generates Product and Knowledge. The value that these provide is fundamental to the group, as they allow us to remain in the vanguard of the sector and ensure that the improvements achieved go through the entire value chain until they reach the final consumer.

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