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We are specialize in production of various
vegetables as:

· Melon
· Courgette
· Aubergine

· Cucumber
· Pepper
· Bean

· Tomato
· Watermelon

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"In Femago we count
with the confidence
of growérs community"

Count with us, Femago appreciates and treats customized to each of its customers, attending their needs, thanks to the quality and quantity of our associated growers.

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This is Femago

We are highly involved with our customers and collaborators, with an absolute requirement for maximum quality.

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The auction is the main activity and the core of FEMAGO, the great difference is in the sale,thar is directly from the farmer. We describe the whole process.

Known auction
Known auction


Agrocastell has over 25 years experience in the field of greenhouse farming on the Granada coast. Agrocastell has succeeded in adapting to the changes and improvements that have taken place in the sector over the years, providing the best service possible to both the farmer and the buyer.

We also have one of the best technical departments in the sector, which is responsible for implementing and supervising the varying quality standards required by different food markets


The main plant is currently at Castell de Ferro (Granada), and also have two collection centres in Bérchules and Mecina Bombarón, in the region's Alpujarras mountain range. Starting in 2003, Agrocastell has experienced huge progress in the cultivation of Almería Cucumbers (both in terms of volume and the quality of the product) making the Agrocastell a leading brand in Almería Cucumbers and one that is asked for by name in many markets.

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